Our Upload Rules

Alpha Coders Upload Rules

If you're looking for the Alpha Coders Creator rules, you can find them here. They would apply in addition to any site rules.
General Rules For All Submissions On All Sites:
  • You must be allowed to post the image to Alpha Coders. Usually this either means that you created the image yourself, you have direct and explicit permission from the author, or the author has stated that they allow sharing to promote their work.
  • Do not crop content with the intention of removing an author's signature or watermark.
  • If you are an author: Thank you for submitting your own original work! Otherwise, please make sure you are giving the original author credit and responsibly sharing.
  • We have strict rules about what is allowed into our creator program since it is monetized. View them here
  • We have author rules too. To mark yourself as the author of content you need to have generated it, and it must be unique to you in some way. This means anime screenshots, video game cutscenes, and other images that are not unique to you would not be considered author content. Things like video game screenshots using a camera mode that are unique to you are acceptable.
  • You have looked at our Terms of Service and understand the differences between how Alpha Coders treats content submitted by it's original author, and content that has been shared responsibly.
  • Funny is fine. Hate is not. Please be careful with touchy subjects.
  • Please make a best effort to categorize submissions correctly. We understand this is difficult - so read your PMs about content being moved around. These messages are letting you know where to place your submissions.
File Types, The Moderator Process, And Benefits
  • We support jpg, jpeg, jfif, png, webp and gif files.
  • All Submissions are moderated. This typically takes less than 24 hours. New users start out with an upload limit to prevent spam.
  • Users who understand the rules become trusted, and their uploads go through instantly!
    We have extensions: Google Chrome & Firefox Upload as you browse the internet!
  • Submitting earns you AC Points! You can use points to enter our raffles and win awesome things. We have new raffles every month.
  • If you are a content creator, you can join the Alpha Coder's Creator Program and earn some cash!
Spam and Abuse
  • Please do not submit on shared or temporary email addresses
  • Suddenly dumping several hundred or thousands of images (or anything else - reports, etc) greatly increases the risk that your account is seen as spam/abuse and is automatically deleted.
  • Mass deleting content, and then resubmitting the same or similar content will also flag an account, and greatly increase the risk of being deleted and banned.
Website Specific Criteria

Wallpaper Abyss

  • Wallpapers must be at least 1920 pixels wide AND 1080 pixels high with an aspect ratio of 1.1 or more.
  • Family Friendly Content Only Family Friendly Rules Explanation
  • Showcase Quality Work Only Showcase Quality Explanation
  • Stretching images, or adding borders to meet the size requirements is not allowed.
  • It is a goal of Wallpaper Abyss to always show the end user the best version of an image. Wallpaper Abyss does not allow duplicates, and inferior versions get deleted or moved. You can see our exact rules here.
    Due to this goal, images with watermarks from other wallpaper/image hosting sites are never considered the best version of an image, and should not be submitted to Wallpaper Abyss..
  • Images with excessive watermarks are not considered good wallpaper material, and will be moved. Excessive can mean tons of watermarks, or very large distracting placements.
  • No private photos of you, your friends, family, etc. Wallpapers with personalized messages are not allowed.
  • Video game content should be high quality. See our post on Video Game Content here for guidelines on what this means.

Mobile Abyss

  • Phone wallpapers must be generally shaped like a phone (taller than they are wide). For some of the large folding style devices, please submit the content to Wallpaper Abyss instead. These guidelines will change based on what popular phone screens look like.
  • Family Friendly Content Only Family Friendly Rules Explanation
  • Showcase Quality Work Only Showcase Quality Explanation

Art Abyss

Gif Abyss

Avatar Abyss

  • Avatars must be at least 150 pixels wide/high with an aspect ratio of 1.
  • An aspect ratio of 1 means that to be considered an avatar, and image needs identical width and heights. 200x200, 400x400, etc
  • Animated avatars are allowed.
  • Family Friendly Content Only Family Friendly Rules Explanation
  • Showcase Quality Work Only Showcase Quality Explanation

Image Abyss